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We would like to share our views on the global society, since we see huge potential to enjoy life in a peaceful world in the near future. We established this blog to communicate our thoughts. For a detailed explanation about our ambitions:

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We have written two overview articles. The first summarizes the major mechanisms and the resulting problems in our contemporary society.

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The second tries to give an initial overview of a deliberately designed society which may exist for the benefit of every human being.

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The following article contains an argument which communicates basic understandings about truth, communication, togetherness, connectivity and society.

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In the following, we introduce an essential understanding of interactions in society. This overview is important to comprehend our explanations in their entirety.

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The articles “Basic Understandings” and “Society Comprehension Circle” make up the foundation of the Global Society Blog. Based on these articles, we elaborate on the seven topics introduced in “The Society Comprehension Circle”. These topics have no fixed order, since they all affect each other.

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Read “Handling Resource Scarcity”
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Society Comprehension Circle

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Global Society Blog

  1. Education.
    Education does not have a unique definition. So many scholars have coin their definition to the subject. One of the definitions is — the process by which a person mind and character are develop through teaching or through formal instruction at a school or college.
    The trend of education varies base on the geographical effects. The education of Africa over the last couple of decades had received a massive transformation through the changed of system.
    Education as a whole is to transform the lives of people but many people up to date still do not grasp the trend of education. The illiteracy rate in most part of the world is still very alarming and we(people) can not fight the challenges we are facing in this our global world with illiteracy. This unfortunate canker has eaten deed into the fabric of Africa. There has been a lots of child exploitation in Africa. Many of the school going age children are on streets for their livelihood. These vulnerable children wobbling in abject mystery as they do not no where their faiths lie on. The brain of a young child is like a tabula rasa (blank slate) and when given opportunity to educate , he or she will fast-tracked what ever been taught. The issue of education can not be look at one side of the coin without the other. Socialization is also a form of education — where children learn from their parents as well as their society. Education starts from the home. This is where a person learn to speak the local dialogue,norms,values etc. After this had achieved,the community will also plays it role in educating the person the social criteria the person needs to know as an indigent. After the family and the community education,the next is the formal education which we all are struggling with.
    Many educational systems in the world have introduced psychological subjects into their elementary schools curriculum and this help the pupils to easily identify their potential ground before exploring it. Psychological defections have thrown many African students out of school. This defections fold their horizons, they consider themselves as dull or people who cannot learn. Knowledge they say is power. A person with information has knowledge. Therefore, we should not give chance to education. Our societies need lettered people to man it affairs for total revolution of archaic perspectives.
    This is gist of my comments of your forth coming article on education.
    Thank you.
    Ibrahim Alhassan Zonaa.

    • Education is the most important part for success in achieving goals for it is the mind that must be taught what is right and wrong.
      With all the spiritual beliefs based on culture and religion, who can say what is right and what is wrong, so it is for each one of us to satisfy our own thoughts by going through different conditions of life here on planet earth, before we can criticize or give advice
      There are many ways of telling a story. It is all based on experience and what you have been taught.

      The universe, and life of creatures have been in existence for millions of years and we are still learning, simply because we cannot agree on what makes us tick. Why are we here on this little planet earth?? We are here to learn what is required of us, to make ourselves feel happy, and for all other creatures to be happy.

      We find ourselves living between two opposing thoughts that exist in each of the spiritual and material worlds, so it often leads to unhappiness before we can say what is good or bad for each one of us, and that is how we learn.

      Another thought.

      Thank you.

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