A designed society – The explanation of a scheme


A designed society follows the ambition to support each individual human being to find happiness and fulfillment. The human being is the basis and purpose of this society. A consciously shaped society understands planet Earth as a shared habitat. It communicates the understanding that – through society – the well-being of every human being is connected to the well-being of any other human being. It communicates the understanding that – through biology – the well-being of every human being is connected to the well-being of the planet’s nature.

A designed society

The human being. The human being is concerned with several thoughts about its existence and its life. Each human being develops an individual view on its environment and creates individual dreams and imaginative thoughts. Consequently, these lead to individual plans and projects (e.g. finding food due to hunger, writing a letter to communicate, constructing a house to live in, learning swimming to reach another coast). Once the human being wants to follow an idea, he or she becomes concerned about the requirements to fulfill his or her ambitions. The human being requires knowledge about its problem (e.g. general information, existing solutions), specific skills (e.g. how to drive a car) and access to resources (e.g. food, wood, metal) and tools (e.g. a knife, glasses, a computer). Society provides access to these requirements.

Communication is the key to bring human beings together. Communication for exchanging views and ideas (a current example being blogs). Communication for gaining and spreading knowledge (e.g. Wikipedia). Communication for finding other individuals with similar views, ambitions or problems (e.g. search engines and forums). Communication for calling for experts or trainers (e.g. tutorials).  Communication for demanding resources or tools (e.g. online shops). Communication for sharing life with others (e.g. social networks).

Humanity is multi-faceted. It is interested in eating, sleeping, joy, laughing, children, sports, traveling, music and an unimaginable number of other activities. Thus, humanity is interested in acquiring knowledge and skills, i.e. education. Human beings who engage passionately in a specific field, are interested in sharing knowledge and skills with people who are curious and motivated to learn about it.
Humanity is interested in spirituality for becoming inspired and finding answers which humanity cannot provide.
Humanity spreads love. Love for other human beings, life, nature and the fulfillment of their dreams. Love inspires us. Love may hurt. Love is a powerful influence in every society. Love is a basis.
Human beings who are concerned with several things by their own motivation do not call for reward. The realization of one’s own intentions does not need any payment (today known as “spare time”, e.g. open source community, Creative Commons, Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders, etc.).

Every human being applies the scientific method – consciously or subconsciously. We create our dreams, analyze our problems, gather information and try to realize our ideas. Based on the understanding that we need to care for the planet and the well-being of society, we develop sustainable tools and methods, which help to solve our problems. We develop technology to organize information, resources and tools for the benefit of everyone. Once we begin to establish those structures, the necessity to “own” things will begin to disappear. A mentality of access will replace the principle of ownership of property (current examples being public transport, car sharing, CouchSurfing). Thus, the consequences which resulted from “ownership” will also begin to disappear (read “Our society”). A society that achieves a high grade of resource abundance rarely requires a medium of exchange like “money”.

The picture we draw here is an ideal. Every musician, cook, artist, scientist -in fact everyone- deals with ideals. Ideals give an overview and direction. The ideal of society should be satisfactory assistance in finding happiness and fulfillment for each single human being.
We will never reach perfection. Perfection is a utopia, but we will try to get as close as possible to it.
The transition has already begun. Establishing discussion about it in our world institutions (e.g. the UN, governments, companies, universities, press) would accelerate the transition. That is why communication is a priority. You can only reflect on an idea if you know it.

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