Basic understandings


The human being wants to be happy.

We cannot prove this thesis here. However, this thought arises when you talk with human beings. It arises when you read their books, when you watch their films and when you listen to their music. In case this thesis applies to you, the reader, then the following argumentation might also apply to you:
Every human being divides things into right and wrong. Whether or not you are aware of it. Right is whatever feels good, whatever makes you happy and satisfied. Wrong is whatever feels bad, hurts and makes you suffer.
What is a human being’s aim in life? To find a way which is right, a way which delivers happiness. As there are things which one cannot divide into right and wrong, the human being tries to follow a way which is not wrong. But it looks for the right, the true way. It looks for “Truth”.

What about when human beings meet? Human beings who divide right from wrong differently? For example, one likes jazz. Someone else perhaps likes hard rock. Thus, jazz is right for one, because it makes him happy. Hard rock is right for the other. One truth applies for one human being, another truth applies for the other.
When everybody has their own truth, nobody can claim to know the truth of someone else better. Or claim to know a universal truth. The application of this understanding with everybody is called “Respect”.

Nevertheless, there are things we hold to be true together. For example, two human beings like the same book. Thus, there is shared truth. How do you go about finding shared truth? Through communication!
On the assumption that from a human being’s point of view there is only personal and shared, but no universal truth, the following form of communication results: the human being shares it’s own truth, eager to get to know that of another person. One listens to ones dialog partner. Through communication human beings understand each other and find shared truth.
One does not communicate to bring the other to ones own truth without knowing the other’s truth. That is because without knowing the truth of the other person, one cannot say what truth both have in common.
Through communication, it may occur that one changes parts of one’s truth. Consequently, it is not wrong to change an opinion. We think, it is right and important to always adjust one’s personal truth.
This form of communication, which requires some practice, is called “Non-violent Communication” .

What does that mean for the individual and its surrounding world? It is not wrong for a human being to decide to be, or not to be friends with someone. It is not wrong if somebody wants to wear a headscarf or a pinstripe suit. Furthermore, it is not wrong if a woman prefers loving other women, not men. One can divide right from wrong only for oneself, not for others.
When one learns to accept others in their truth, one uses the skill of “Tolerance”.
That does not mean to accept a human being’s action in every case. However, in the long run, we only understand each other through communication to comprehend the reasons for actions which do not accord with one’s personal truth.
Even religion and science are the shared truths of many human beings. What is right and what is wrong? Everyone decides this for themselves.

Everything is connected with everything. Every human being is connected in various ways with every single part in the planet’s nature. For example, plants transform carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breath. Only through the circulation of air does it reach us. The global circulations of water are indispensable for all creatures on Earth. The Earth constitutes the basis of our life. The healthier the planet is, the healthier we are.
We human beings are also connected with each other through friendship, visions, cooperation and many other ties. Every single individual has influence on happiness or sadness of fellow men and consequently on his or her entire environment. In the same manner, our environment influences our personal being. Hence, nobody stands alone. Every single human being is connected with the whole planet and the global society.

Society – Necessities
How can one live his personal truth as completely as possible? How can one act the way one wants, without being confronted with fear? How can one simply be free? That is only possible in a society in which nobody has a reason to take another’s freedom. A society in which as few reasons as possible exist to feel jealousy towards another. A society which strives to create optimal conditions for every single human being’s projects and intentions. Not until then can one live one’s truth, can one realize one’s intentions and can one reach one’s aims without being afraid of others. The human being can only be free when all human beings are free. In the long run, one can only enjoy a good life, when everyone can enjoy a good life.
What must a society look like in which everybody can live their own truth? Where everybody can be free? We think, the following points are true for everyone:

We need air to breath.
We need water to drink.
We need food to satisfy our hunger.
We need a safe place to sleep.
We need space to move.
We need others to share our lives with.

We think, a dignified life begins with these things.

Society – Tools
What else do we need? It is quite simple: everybody needs something different, because everybody has her or his own truth. Everybody has their own intentions, own aims. One person may want to travel far. Either by foot, which may take a while but which may be very pleasant. Or by bike. Or he or she may like to travel by train. Maybe they feel better with a car or a plane. Taking the example of travel is sufficient to show that everyone has their own intention. Others need instruments to make music. Others need a ball to play soccer whilst others need a television to watch the match from afar. And others need a spade to plant a tree. We need tools! Things that enable us to do what we like doing. Everybody needs different tools.
Where do these tools come from? Mankind creates them out of the materials we find on Earth. Our creative heads invent new things permanently which help us to better achieve our aims. Things which simplify our life. Things which bring joy.

Society – Feasibility
How is this to work for all human beings? How are we to give everyone what she or he needs without endangering the planet? Scientists say that feeding everyone is not a problem. Scientists also say that  solar-, wind-, water- and geothermal energy, and many other undiscovered sources, are able to provide the whole of humanity with more energy than we need to satisfy our needs. Using this energy, we might serve everybody on the planet with water, living space and complete mobility. Only the materials on this planet are finite. We have to manage these materials intelligently and we have to reuse them as far as possible to enable a free life for us and all generations to come.
For an intelligent management of our resources we have our head. Our fellow men, scientists and engineers will continuously improve our tools. They will improve their usability. They will improve their harmony with the nature of the planet so that we still have air to breath and water to drink.
As long as we ensure we evolve within the planet’s carrying capacity, there are enough resources for all human beings on a healthy planet. We simply have to get to work.

What stops us from doing this? We maintain that it is the fact that there has never been an intelligent management of the Earth’s resources! That is why we have always had to secure resources for ourselves. That is why ownership of property exists. Property that we trade all the time. To simplify trading we invented money. And now many of us believe that nothing would work without money.
The way we use money, that is to say property, today lets us waste, lets us keep our ideas to ourselves, lets us mistrust each other, lets us fight against each other and ultimately lets us forget ourselves. Lets us forget what we really want. Our truth.

Becoming active
Where can we begin? At first, with ourselves! What is right, what is wrong? What makes me happy, what does not? What about the people around me? Find shared truths through non-violent communication, respect and tolerance.
Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Paulo Coelho says: “Every chance to change yourself is a chance to change the world.” Be a beginning. For the world. But much more importantly: For yourself!

2 thoughts on “Basic understandings

  1. Hi Fl’âme,

    You were kind enough to read to my article, I can at least do the same for you :)

    I guess my response would be: I very much admire the desire for a peaceful loving global society, so in that sense I much appreciate you and your friends’ efforts. However personally I do not believe it possible for human beings to achieve this or even come close unfortunately. This comes from both my Christian beliefs, but also my personal experience, since no matter how hard I try to love others, I still often fail in many ways.

    So I see the need for someone greater than us to achieve this, and I believe he already has by granting us forgiveness and justice through Jesus (two things I consider essential for life), and a perfect loving world that he will create when he returns.

    In terms of truth: I feel the need for truth that doesn’t change, that is true for everyone, universal as you put it. I agree universal truth cannot really come from human beings, which is why I see the need for the universal truth Jesus brings as God (Jesus: “I am the way and the truth and the life”, John 14:6).

    An example for the need for universal truth might be: a murder who decides that his truth is that it is right to kill people. He could then be united in this truth with other murders who think the same, making it a shared truth. I feel like the reason why the world is as messed up as it is, is preciously because people follow their own truths, rather than obeying the universal truth (what I believe to be the right way to live) brought by God.

    I know there’s a lot in there that is very religious and supernatural, so I’d be happy to explain things further, and also explain why I think the idea of God and related is rational. Preferably contact me via email.

    best regards,

    • Thanks for your detailed comment.

      In your comment you consider three different truths: yours, mine and a murderer’s one.
      We both share truth when sharing the desire for a peaceful global society. The difference in our personal truths: you believe in your God, as a perception of a universal truth. I believe in the possibility to have such a global society in the future. Good, we have no conflict here, since you respect mine and I respect yours.

      It remains the murderer who decides on another human being’s life. He has his own personal truth.

      However, quite independent of their beliefs, the members of many societies disapprove violence. They share a truth saying: “I don’t like sadness and pain for me and my fellow men.” That is why societies wrote down rules called laws. Here, laws are implemented by police. The murderer gets arrested. That is our first judgement on this human being: “We don’t want you to harm or even kill other people!”.

      And then communication begins. It is not to say “You are wrong!”, since we are human and don’t know a universal truth, even if you believe in your truth and I believe in mine. We try to find out “What brought you to this? Is there a reason? Is there something in our societal system that we might influence in order to avoid murders in the future?” We, as a society, keep up communication, and maybe we understand each other one time. We cannot turn back an event like murder. But we can work on prevention by eliminating structures that bring human beings to harm others. In my eyes, if we start open-minded, non-violent communication right now, we could avoid a lot of murders.

      We will always have societal conflicts, but my friends and I see a lot of potential to change the way we live together in order to decrease the number of reasons for negative consequences.
      Maybe there is a God and thus a universal truth. Maybe we will have a peaceful future. Maybe both. Maybe nothing. We will see.

      Thanks again and best regards,

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