The Society Comprehension Circle


During our research and conversations with our families, friends and fellow humans, we realized that we live in a society in which people are very specialized in topics of their choice. This often means that many lack the time and energy to bring their specialization back to the overall context in order to gain an overview. Society is a very complex and extensive topic. This is because everything that we know of plays a part in it. Thus, to simplify the understanding of society in its entirety, we developed the “Society Comprehension Circle”. This is a tool to easily track interactions in society to figure out basic settings and their consequences. The circle might help to point out reasons for societal conflicts and it might help to develop solutions.

Society Comprehension Circle

The “Society Comprehension Circle” is divided into seven subdivisions. These topics are all linked together. Nowadays we often talk about politics, economics, education, development and many other topics, as if they exist in isolation of one another. The purpose of the “Society Comprehension Circle” is to illustrate that all topics which influence the functioning of society are closely linked and interact with each other.

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