This blog was created for people that long to deepen their insight concerning the topic “society”. We wish to provide easily understandable overviews of the interrelations and interactions of the the basic different subjects and topics that make up society. We want to inspire our readers and support them in gaining holistic understandings of these interrelations and their interactions. We would like to provide easy-to-understand answers to the question: “Why are things the way they are?”

Furthermore, we want to question basic concepts that remain largely unquestioned in the current global society. We see an urgency to provide constructive criticism. That means to criticize by providing information, knowledge and holistic approaches for finding solutions. But most importantly we want to introduce alternatives. Part of that is to enable the reader to create her or his own vision of how she or he wants to participate in shaping this world and its future.

It is our goal to inspire as many people as possible to think in new ways and look at the world differently by sharing our thoughts and insights. Our ideas are derived from our research and our own thoughts concerning the topic society. Our research is largely based on acknowledged scientific work. Additionally, it is based on thoughts and ideas expressed by individuals, movements and organizations like the UN agencies, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Transparency International, the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement, the Global Footprint Network as well as leading journals and newspapers. In principle, the vision we present is an endeavor to bring together and make sense of what human beings express in their philosophies, thoughts and ideas. We are trying to continue, combine and complete these thoughts in order to present a holistic understanding of the topic society.

Link Collection
The most important sources that we gather information and inspiration from for our texts, can be found in our link collection (Links). The link section provides further inspiration and detailed information of the topics we write about in our articles. Moreover, it can be seen as an information and education platform for anybody who wants to update and challenge their understandings about society in order to ponder ideas concerning questions like “How can we, the global society, do better than we do today?”. We want to help answer questions, prevent misunderstandings and establish constructive communication.

We try to write articles that everyone is able to easily follow. We do not confirm our definitions and statements by quoting. To do so would require huge additional effort that momentarily exceeds our capacities. Our appeal to our readers is to read our articles with an open mind. We do not intend to convince anybody of anything. It is NOT our goal to make people believe in anything. Quite the contrary: we would like to inspire people to question, reason and research. We would like to inspire people to see all kinds of subjects within their context and also look at the context itself in order to be able to question subjects down to the deepest level possible. We intend to inspire our readers to critically question all kinds of topics in their entirety – including the Global Society Blog itself. We would like to provide inspiring thoughts for people who are motivated to think about society in general and the global society’s development.

We do not want to gain any monetary profit from this blog and therefore we do not claim the ideas presented here are our “own”. What we do is to simply bring together pre-existing understandings, making them easily graspable in order to create a sustainable base for societal organization.

Every of the seven main articles is divided into three sections. Firstly we introduce some basic understandings and definitions of the topics we refer to. In this way we introduce what we think of as ideals for societal organization in regard to that specific topic. Secondly we have a “Comparison” in which we compare these ideals with the current form of organization of society. Finally, in the “Myths and Opinions” (M+Oʼs) section we create statements concerning various expressions that fellow human beings express day by day.

We endeavor to communicate our views as simply as possible. We constantly discover ways of improving the presentation of our thoughts. If you come to the conclusion that some of the things we write about do not correspond to your perception or experience, do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback might enable us to reconsider our perspectives. Additionally, your feedback can help us to discover statements that may lead to misunderstandings. Furthermore, if you discover ways of improving our style of communication via this blog, please, let us know.

We are happy to incorporate any suggestion regarding content and style in order to improve the Global Society Blog.

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